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***Clicking on the "Safe Button" above will immediately close this site.  However, it is impossible for the history to be completely cleared from your computer.  If you are in danger, please use a safer computer that your abuser cannot access directly or remotely.***


Welcome to MayDay, Inc.

We are here to support you as you face challenges related to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, trafficking or elder abuse. 





24-hour Crisis Line (541) 523-4134     Toll Free (888) 213-4134


About MayDay

MayDay Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency, funded by Federal and State grants, foundations and private donations.  MayDay works with survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as elder abuse, stalking and trafficking.

Mission Statement 

MayDay advocates for freedom from all forms of abuse through its prevention, education and support services to all community members.

Our Promise 

MayDay is committed to the safety and privacy of our clients.  Information you share with us is confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your written and explicit permission.

We will treat you with compassion and dignity and will respect your right to make your own decisions.

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